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We are as committed to delivery as we are to design.

Arkhefield, Design + Delivery, BIM, Integrated Project Delievery

We bring innovation and leadership to every project. Our collaborative approach and integrated process ensure quality and integrity are maintained, and the project progresses smoothly and efficiently at every stage.

We provide certainty for our clients and clarity for our project partners, achieving the best outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our Integrated Project Delivery Manager

Arkhefield Design & Delivery


There is a global movement towards collaboration and integration in how we design and deliver the built environment. Arkhefield is championing the cause in Australia, fostering a cooperative and productive process over the adversarial and disjointed practices of the past.

By collaborating and integrating—teams, resources, technology and processes—we provide confidence for our clients and contractors alike. By sharing the responsibility and opportunity, we optimise budgets and schedules, and maintain quality and integrity. View our collaborators.


Building information modelling—BIM—is a key tool, enabling collaboration between teams in the design, delivery, procurement and operation of a building. BIM allows teams to integrate and interact, and information to grow and evolve. BIM is invaluable throughout a building’s entire lifecycle, displaying a digital representation of the physical and functional elements of a facility.   BIM brings various information sources together in a coordinated 3D form that can be accessed remotely by all team pharmacy members. This combination of information from different disciplines associated with the design, construction and operation of a building project allows greater transparency and efficiency throughout the design and delivery process.

A prime example of Arkhefield’s integrated project delivery is 420 Flinders Street, Townsville – Ergon Energy’s head office.


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