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We are as committed to delivery as we are to design.

Arkhefield, Design + Delivery, BIM, Integrated Project Delievery

We bring innovation and leadership to every project. Our collaborative approach and integrated process ensure quality and integrity are maintained, and the project progresses smoothly and efficiently at every stage.

We provide certainty for our clients and clarity for our project partners, achieving the best outcomes for all stakeholders.


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a tool which allows greater transparency and efficiency throughout the design process. Combining 3D digital models with project information allows better visualisation of a project to inform strategic decision making whilst mitigating risk for the client.

BIM enables collaboration between teams in the design, delivery, procurement and operation of a building. It aims to make a project more efficient by providing the client and project team with the ability to make savings in terms of cost and time across a project’s entire life cycle.

Using information gathered in a single shared 3D digital model, BIM allows the project team to easily analyse and evaluate the design, construction and operation of a building. This provides greater understanding of how they can optimise the delivery with confidence, knowing it has been tested and validated before construction begins.

We believe BIM is invaluable for our clients, consultants and contractors in streamlining the design and construction process, adding value across the entire life cycle of an asset.



> River Quay
> 420 Flinders Street
> Cowboys Leagues Club


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