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As a full service architecture and interior design practice, we provide our clients with a comprehensive solution—from concept and feasibility through to delivery and operation.


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We offer clients the confidence and convenience of a holistic design approach, an integrated suite of services and a single point of contact.

As a design-focused, process-driven practice, we provide innovative solutions for projects of various scales across a broad range of sectors. We create big ideas and bring them to reality.

The Arkhefield Leadership Team
River Quay, South Bank


Arkhefield is organised into practice and business operations.

Though distinct, our practice and business operations work in tandem to ensure Arkhefield operates effectively and efficiently. Both the Principal and Managing Director report to the Advisory Board, which provides guidance on all matters across Arkhefield

We find this structure enables our design and delivery staff to focus on project work, delivering the best outcomes for clients. Quality assurance and risk management are integral to Arkhefield’s policies and procedures. The practice is third party certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 and PQC Level 3.

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