Catching up with
our 2022 interns

We recently checked in with our interns, Michelle and James, as they reflect on their experiences in the Arkhefield Internship Program this year. We asked them to tell us what they've enjoyed most about the program, and what has been their biggest learning curve so far.

Interior Design Student


"The internship has been great. I enjoy working with the people here who have been leading me with great support and laughter. I’ve been in and out of so many diverse projects that have led me to understand the broader context of design and how to adapt different skills in different sectors. 

The skills that I was able to learn or improve on was: familiarising myself with the Australian codes and standards, sustainability in materiality and manufacturing process, meeting suppliers and getting to know their products, Revit/ technological skills, detailed documentation, presentation preparation for clients and working flexibly within tight budgets and time frames. I’ve come across so many valuable skills!"

Centre Column
Architectural Student


"What I have enjoyed most is the wide variety of projects I have worked on, from the likes of social housing, private residential, multi residential, commercial to small amenities. I’ve also loved the rewarding feeling of solving complex issues. I’ve also enjoyed being a part of and working with an amazing team of talented people, the mentorship I’ve received, and the personal growth I’ve gained through working at Arkhefield.

Some of the biggest learnings for me have been how small details can lead to big impacts. Whether this is in relation to design or during documentation, small issues can lead to big issues later if not addressed or caught early, so it’s important to be meticulous.

Learning how different parts of the industry co-ordinate has also been a big learning. Knowing how different consultants play a part in the development and life of a building has been eye opening, it's something that isn’t discussed or taught at university.

Lastly, learning the tools and the continual development of these skills has been huge. The tools that translate the ideas to tangible elements is incredibly important and is always an ongoing learning."

Centre Column