14th March 2019

My Experience of the Arkhefield Internship


Arkhefield has been running the Internship Program since 2013, and during this time we have seen all of our interns make the most of their year in the program. Whilst we know the program is a great opportunity, nothing beats hearing feedback from the students themselves to see what benefited them most in their time here.


Some have since joined our team on a permanent basis after their internship, while others have moved to well renowned practices throughout Australia and overseas. This shows how the program provides a real opportunity for starting and progressing your career.

Left column

Naomi Albrow, Intern 2016


‘The internship influenced and changed my perspective on how I would approach a project in my studies or in future work. I saw how projects unfold whilst learning new processes, how a studio runs and working as part of a team. The Internship was a way to get a foot in the door as I didn’t know anyone in the industry. I loved the variety of work, the assistance from others, and how Arkhefield invests in their people.’

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Anthony Ip, Intern 2013


‘Arkhefield offered me a wide range of experiences ranging from concept design documentation and site exposure. The team was always open to sharing knowledge and no question was a silly question. What I enjoyed most was that the Internship program hired multiple students, which meant I had others at a similar career stage as me.’

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Moeen Ahmid, Intern 2015


‘Getting real world experience and learning how things are done in practice was probably the best thing about the internship. It is a totally different environment to uni and a completely different way of working and thinking about things. Being surrounded by so many knowledgeable people who were all willing to share their knowledge made it really valuable in terms of progressing my own learning and development. It is an amazing opportunity for anyone at the start of their career.’

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Nick Milloy, Intern 2014


‘The amount of information you learn while undertaking the internship is incredible. The program is a unique experience that allows you to gain exposure to real projects and learn from remarkable experienced people. Everyone I worked with was very friendly, patient and experienced. It has been great to work within a small team and contribute to a larger entity.’

Left column

Andrea Dukes, Intern 2015


‘Seeing my personal skills and responsibilities develop has been a pretty big highlight for me. Comparing my pre-Arkhefield self to me a present, I can see just how far I’ve come and how valuable the internship has been for me. Getting to know how each person works and what their role is has helped me understand how projects come together. Their mentoring has been a massive bonus. I think that my strongest view of Arkhefield is it’s a team environment and everyone helps everyone be successful.’

Left column

William Page, Intern 2018


‘I think access to people at Arkhefield is the primary reason my internship has been a great experience. Talking to experienced graduates about their learning process and the steps they took from where I am to where they are now has been invaluable. Everyone at Arkhefield is really accessible, approachable and engaged. They’re all happy to share methods, ideas and processes to provide a really complete experience in the internship.’

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David McEvoy, Intern 2015


‘From day one we are given real responsibilities and allowed to frow and develop. I think the highlight of the program is that it really gives a realistic view of all the areas of what a typical architect would be engaged in day to day. I most enjoy the fantastic office culture and the range of projects I get to work on – from residential, to multi-res, large civic projects, interior projects, and refurbishments.’