Mitchell Bradford


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Mitchell Bradford understands that the most beautiful buildings are also the most well-considered. He follows a design philosophy where ‘simple is best’ and his experience has shown him that these projects are also easier to put together.

Born and bred in Brisbane, Mitchell Bradford developed his design abilities working on residential projects in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Sydney. He is part of Arkhefield’s team focusing on speculative projects and social housing, bringing over 10 years of designing homes to create social housing that enriches people's lives. 

Mitch is motivated to translate what he has learned by designing high-end homes to create social housing that enriches people's lives. Also interested in environmental architecture, he is pleased to be integrating Arkhefield-preferred elements like natural ventilation into these projects wherever possible. 

While living in Sydney, he undertook academic work as a tutor and supported students to distil their ideas. The process reminded him of the fundamentals of architecture and reinvigorated his intention to design simple, but beautiful buildings.