Relocating to a 1980s building the company had purchased in South Brisbane, APNIC sought to create a distinctive base for its operations and a customised environment for its staff.

The Asia Pacific Network Information Centre – APNIC – is the regional internet registry for the Asia Pacific. Comprising a team of highly specialised, hardworking personnel, it was paramount that we create an efficient, comfortable and fun workplace for their team. 

Arkhefield’s commercial refurbishment and interior fitout focused on providing a dynamic and adaptable 1200m2 ‘home’ for APNIC. 

The bones of the existing building were exposed, providing a framework to create flexible work hubs as well as comfortable, multifunctional spaces that combine work and leisure elements to express the APNIC culture.

The addition of a deck and screening elements transform the front of the building to create a modern look for both inside and out.

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A cantilevered deck, framed with two-storey tall fins that wrap over to form a roof, provides much-needed outdoor space, giving the building a distinctive appearance. Balancing this dark thrusting form, a delicate white aluminium screen veils the other half of the façade. The two features transform a drab building into a show-stopper. The new elements—which also serve to shade the west-facing façade—demonstrate the power of clever architecture.

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