The client was looking to create a ‘champagne and oysters’ venue with a presence within the garden space of the centre to entice visitors. 

Designed in conjunction with the refurbishment of Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast, Aquitaine is the sister restaurant to its namesake in South Bank, Brisbane.

It was important they had a variety of areas suited to both formal and informal dining options, with the ability to have a visual relationship between the restaurant, bar and garden. The space achieves this through the creation of internal dining rooms, an open and inviting bar, and external seating which sits comfortably within the surrounding garden landscape.

Stone, concrete and terrazzo materials were used to invoke the coastal landscape, with the softness and warmth of planting and tan coloured fabric contrasting the coolness of the other materials. It is envisaged that as the plants grow, the exterior of the building will become further embedded within its setting.

Aquitaine 1
Aquitaine 2
Aquitaine 3
Aquitaine 4
Aquitaine 5
Aquitaine 6
Aquitaine 7
Client Spiro Dimopoulos
Contractor Clubbar Concepts
Scale 344m²
Pax 100 Seats
Mark Walker 07 3831 8150

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