Kirsti Tenni

Associate - Senior Interior Designer

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“Once you establish your clients’ needs and resolved their challenges, you end up learning a lot about their industry, how they operate and how people use their spaces, and this knowledge is invaluable for a designer.”

Kirsti enjoys the challenge of being creative within the constraints of the project to deliver innovative outcomes. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in interior design, she combines her design skills with a thorough technical knowledge to deliver projects through all project phases.

Kirsti’s design approach focusses on balance - of form and function, creativity and problem solving, simplicity and detail. She believes when you have the balance right you are guaranteed of a good design outcome. Along with the Student One housing projects, Kirsti has recently led the interiors of both the Grange Residence and Indooroopilly Shopping Centre ambience upgrades in Brisbane.






Student Accomodation




Bachelor of Design Studies, Griffith University
Queensland College of Art

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