Zoe Ridgway

Associate Director, Architect

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Applying architectural principles to enact change and improve and enrich the way people live is a key driver for Arkhefield Associate Director Zoe Ridgway.

As Arkhefield’s “emerging housing” specialist, Zoe has led Brisbane student accommodation projects including the award-winning Student One in Elizabeth Arcade and Student One in Adelaide Street.

Her research has included leading a number of Masters studios at the University of Queensland, and encompasses emerging housing types like build-to-rent, co-living, student accommodation and new models of social and affordable housing, all of which contributes to positive change within the industry.

She has a special interest in cities and how different cultures approach urban life and architecture. Using this curiosity to refine her work, she strives to make places that enrich people’s lives.







Commercial + Mixed Use

Education + Community



Bachelor of Architecture (Honours 2A), The University of Queensland

Registered Architect Queensland

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