Ashleigh Jeremy

Interior Designer

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“I aim to create carefully considered outcomes - to use the knowledge that I have as an interior designer to solve problems, create change and ultimately help the communities that we live in”

Ashleigh utilises her expertise in interior design to create positive outcomes for our clients. While creating meaningful outcomes for people and communities sits squarely at the centre of her design approach, Ashleigh excels in interweaving brand identity, style guidelines and beautiful aesthetics into her work.

Ashleigh has more than six years of experience working on projects across various sectors including commercial fitouts, workplace, retail design and bespoke speciality stores and businesses. During this time, she learnt that clear communication, collaboration and relationship-building are key to successful projects.

As part of our interior design team, Ashleigh works on a wide variety of community and corporate projects, where she is involved on all phases of project delivery from concept development through to documentation. Ashleigh believes the key to a meaningful project outcome is the exploration and formation of a strong concept that drives the design through the development phases. Throughout the documentation process her problem-solving skills and attention to detail ensures the best possible solution is delivered.

In addition to her interior design degree, Ashleigh has completed studies in graphic design and Illustration. In her spare time, she enjoys using these skills to help local community groups with their branding and marketing.



Qualifications + Affiliations

Bachelor of Design - Interior Design
Queensland University of Technology