30 years of enriching lives and enacting change

We enrich lives and enact change

30 years of creating meaningful places + spaces that benefit all

We do this by creating meaningful places + spaces that benefit all

Arkhefield is a multidisciplinary design practice delivering 30+ years of design excellence in Australia and the Asia Pacific. We are committed to connecting people to place through design. From large to small projects, we offer meticulous design underpinned by a clearly defined process and efficiency of delivery. 

The result is creative and effective designs that are culturally, socially, and environmentally enduring, as well as functionally and commercially grounded.

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From the field


Successful architecture is not just about the design of a building. It's about creating places which are meaningful to people.

Our expertise across multiple sectors brings a cross fertilisation of ideas with an integration of scale from urban context to detail.  As problem solvers we use the diversity and complexity of thought generated from these sectors to inject creativity and practicality into every project. 

We draw together sector specialists and multi-disciplinary expertise within the studio to create sustainable and vibrant places resilient to the disruptions we face today.



We operate from our Brisbane studio and are dedicated to providing our clients with the best that design has to offer.

Our team is a diverse collective of passionate and talented architects, interior designers, graphic designers, technicians and business professionals.

We foster collaboration, embrace opportunities for innovation and are committed to partnering with our clients to apply design excellence with efficiency of delivery and commercial expertise.


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