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Creative and innovative commercial buildings and workplaces support interaction and enhance business.

We are seeing major cultural and urban shifts in our cities in the way we live, move, work and relax. The Corona Virus pandemic has left a permanent impact on our commercial environments. This comes on top of a stream of other disrupters which have been shaping our workplaces and office buildings over the past 10 years. Despite sensible restrictions, commercial buildings still need spaces which encourage safe interaction and connection, support wellbeing and accommodate a variety of working styles, including and integrating a portion of staff who are working from home. Work and leisure are now even more flexible and integrated, and expectations for our working environment have to suit.


Today the workplace can be anywhere; it can be purpose built or defined by an individual. Our working patterns are changing at an ever-increasing rate and an increasing emphasis on work life balance has created the need for more flexible working arrangements.

Of particular interest is the move toward openness and transparency, driven by the desire to connect and communicate with people while maintaining a level of distancing.

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