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Arkhefield offers fully integrated architecture and interior design services supported by a multi-disciplinary team who is integrated into every project. 

Each design idea emerges from a collaborative process which continues throughout a project, working with and for the people who will inhabit our buildings.

As interior designers, we are interested in the experience of the spaces within buildings, as well as the places between them. We interpret how people will experience the architecture that we make to create memorable spaces within.

We offer a unique and deliberate way of thinking about this experience that extends and examines the architectural language, and offers thresholds and links between the places that are created by the architecture.

We celebrate the collaborative journey that such projects offer, and use the skills and thought processes of our discipline to create spaces that are a part of the cohesive whole of the architectural fabric.

Interior design is an integral part of our design services. We work across multiple sectors and holistically with our architectural services.


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