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The workplace of today is rapidly changing for the advancement of tomorrow. Engaging, rewarding and efficient workplaces adapt and evolve with these changes as does the culture of every organisation.

We focus on creating a workplace that supports your current and future patterns of work with high quality design that can make a positive and lasting impression, and contributes to your efficiency and productivity.

Today, the workplace can be anywhere; it can be purpose built, or defined by an individual. Our working patterns are changing at an ever increasing rate and an emphasis on work-life balance has created flexible working options.

As our world becomes more driven by technology, the desire to connect and communicate with people has created a move toward openness and transparency in our workplaces. 

Our ability to embrace progressive thinking in the face of these new complexities provides new opportunities to break the mould.

The role of the designer in this space is therefore changing too, and our role is to expand on the experiences individuals and businesses want and have in their workplace on a daily basis.

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Imagining the workplace as a microcity


If we use the 'city' as a planning tool for the workplace, can we create an environment that allows us to interact and collaborate with a diverse group of colleagues - just as we would in a real city?


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