Ergon Energy

Ergon Energy wanted to create a ‘home base’ for their workplace – a space where all employees felt comfortable, whether they worked in the office, the workshop or came from site.

Connectivity is a strong focus for Ergon Energy, particularly due to the diversity of roles and regions in which they operate.  The design concept was to create strong connections with a communal breakout lunch space where employees could come together for lunch, social events and meetings. This vibrant social heart has shaped a collaborative space with strong connection between the office and workshop buildings.

The spaces were carefully designed with a selection of fittings, furniture and finishes that ensured the space felt equitable to all. The design supports the organisational culture by providing a variety of spaces that facilitate open collaboration and pockets for privacy as required.

Ergon Garbutt 1
Ergon Garbutt 2
Ergon Garbutt 3
Ergon Garbutt 4
Ergon Garbutt 5
Ergon Garbutt 6
Ergon Garbutt 7
Ergon Garbutt 8
Ergon Garbutt 9
Ergon Garbutt 10
Ergon Garbutt 11
Client Ergon Energy
Contractor Watpac

1.35ha Site

7700 Workplace

1800 Workshop

4000 Warehouse
Occupancy 408 Seats - Workplace Only
2019 North Queensland Master Builders Awards - Project of the year

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