Hyesu Jeon

Architectural Graduate


“It is an incredible realisation that the designs I conceive can possess such profound impacts on human behaviour, interaction and emotional experience within a space. Moreover, to witness the shared excitement of clients and users as collaborators in a project, is a privilege beyond measure.”

The ability to shape and influence social dynamics is what attracted Hyesu to architecture and design. Hyesu’s dynamic range of interests have consistently revolved around community betterment. Her passion lies within humanitarian-driven architecture, particularly focusing on educational and healthcare facilities. This passion arises from her innate compassion for both the young and elderly, driving her aim to aid those facing adversity and to foster growth in others.

Over the first 3 years in the architectural industry, Hyesu has immersed herself in various documentation phases, from schematic to design development, and she remains eager to expand her expertise. Having led significant projects in previous roles, Hyesu is driven to consistently exceed expectations.

Hyesu’s ultimate aspiration is to embark on a global journey, offering aid to those impacted by natural disasters and residing in underprivileged regions, leaving an enduring impact of positive change on the world.




Qualifications + Affiliations

Bachelor of Architecture
The University of Queensland

Master of Architecture
The University of Queensland