Izak Hollins




Registered Architect 

QLD registration number - 6082


“Architectural projects can be very complex, with lots of different disciplines involved in various stages and I enjoy working through all of these stages and finding the simple, cohesive solutions to solve problems.”

It is the joy of making things and understanding how they work that drew architect Izak Hollins to a career in architecture.

Learning how architecture facilitates positive interactions between people drives Izak’s contribution to Social Housing projects like Brisbane Housing Corporation Sutton Street and The Salvation Army Sheridan Street.

Izak was attracted to Arkhefield because of its open and inclusive culture. It provides him the opportunity to learn and understand the complex nature of architectural projects and draw out the simple cohesive solutions. Complimentary to his work, Izak is a research consultant and has co-authored a paper on how the built environment affects people’s recovery and rehabilitation after serious injuries.

Izak has a Bachelor of Design and a Masters of Architecture from Queensland University of Technology and in his spare time he likes to make furniture and enjoys rock climbing.




Qualifications + Affiliations

Bachelor of Design, (Honours)
Queensland University of Technology

Master of Architecture
Queensland University of Technology