The client brief was to create “a house that looks like anything but a house”.

A strong statement has resulted in a strong aesthetic form, encapsulating a comfortable family home and dynamic gathering space to provide seclusion in a bustling city fringe suburb.
Oxlade House explores the idea of a singular extruded graphic form defined by its roof structure. The design optimises the long, narrow site; addressing the aspect rather than the street.

A sloping concrete rear wall and articulated steel roof embraces transitional internal spaces, while the northern frontage seamlessly extends and opens to the external living spaces.

This is a family home that is as private as it is distinctive, as comfortable as it is efficient, as dynamic as it is pragmatic—and anything but just another house.

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Inside, the white walls and timber accents of the home meet in perfect poetry in the central round staircase.

Ben Morgan, Editor, Habitus Living Online

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Location Brisbane

500m² New Build

4 Bed, 4 Bath, 2 Study + Family Room
Contractor By Client
Anne Sulinski 07 3831 8150

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