Wickham Private
Medical + Hotel

The 15-storey development will include commercial areas for medical operators and an associated hotel. Health care and short-term accommodation have great synergy and will complement the offering in the precinct.

The site is located in the south west corner of Spring Hill, nestled between Roma Street Parklands and Wickham Park and close proximity to the city.

The project vision is to create an innovative facility with a contemporary look and high-quality design outcome, an active interface to the public and a unique and specific response to this site on Wickham Terrace.

Various strategies have been adopted as a proposed design responds to the adjoining heritage building. The new podium provides a transition between adjacent low height buildings and the tower and reference the composition and elements of the verandah vernacular forming part of the heritage building and neighbouring houses.

The project is going through the varies design stages at the moment with commencement of construction schedules for early 2021.

Left column
Right Column

The lower tower floors housing medical areas and the upper levels the hotel. This was expressed on the outside of the building.

Client Barber Property Group

5288m² Commercial
186m² Retail / Hospitality
4701m² Hotel

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