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Great educational and community facilities create a sense of ownership, pride and engagement with the public.


Learning spaces demand a rigorous attention to detail and a commitment to process.

From schools and tertiary buildings, to child care centres and student housing, we design and deliver education projects that foster supportive social and classroom dynamics that create a sense of belonging. Inspirational spaces stimulate learning and we draw out the possibilities through creativity and collaboration.

Our aim is to establish a shared identity for learning environments that foster collaboration and interaction, while planning for flexibility, future growth and supporting a diversity of teaching methods.


Creating a welcoming venue that offers the right environment for people of all ages, as well as families with children to play and engage, can provide a place for the community to connect.

Our approach creates places that support a sense of ownership, pride and engagement with the community. Buildings are highly accessible, enjoyable to experience, and speak authentically to the locale with appropriate materials, building forms and environmental strategies. It is important that spaces open to the public provide a contemporary image supportive of the community's values and place in their neighbourhood.



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