Hindley Street
Music Hall

At the heart of Adelaide's vibrant entertainment district, Hindley Street Music Hall emerges as a crafted instrument, designed to amplify the human expression.

This facility pushes the limitations of a venue, transforming into a versatile platform for diverse encounters – concerts, comedy, theatre, and more – seamlessly accommodating up to 1,800 patrons across standing, seated, and cabaret configurations.

The Music Hall is a dynamic catalyst for connection. The adaptable interior flows, blurring the lines between performer and audience, weaving sound and light into an intimate venue. Every surface becomes an active participant, resonating with the collective energy of the space.

collage wall
stage lights
stage back

Inclusivity is paramount. The design prioritizes accessibility and safety, ensuring everyone can fully experience the magic of live performance. This commitment extends beyond the physical realm, fostering a welcoming environment where diverse voices and artistic expressions find their stage.

Hindley Street Music Hall is more than bricks and mortar – it is a testament to Arkhefield's and the clients dedication to enriching communities by creating a place for transformative shared experiences and nurturing artistic freedom. The Hindley is a beacon for cultural exchange, a home for creative spirits and an enduring legacy for Adelaide.

Client  Live Nation, Secret Sounds and John Collins
Capacity 1800

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