Secluded in the heart of West End, Amersham is a collection of beautifully appointed residences that have been designed to inspire.

Commissioned by DiMarco Group and TG Development Amersham is a collection of 29 residences located in the heart of West End, Brisbane. Amersham includes a mix of homes ranging in size from one to four bedrooms and a communal roof top terrace. Positioned on a ridgeline the design catches sweeping views of the city, surrounding suburbs and mountains. The steep site has been used to good advantage ensuring extended outlooks are available from every level.

The design mitigates the harsh western exposure by orienting the majority of apartments to the north and utilising screening, awnings and well considered window placement to enhance liveability for residents.

Amersham provides natural cross ventilation to every apartment and circulation space with integrated landscaping throughout. Light wells provide access to natural light, air and landscaping to the centre of the building. The result is an exemplary sub-tropical apartment building for our city.

Client DiMarco Group and TG Development
Product 29 Apartments

Filmed & Produced by Nikolas Strutgar, Ravens At Odds

Amersham Photo 1
Amersham Photo 2
Amersham Photo 5
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